Phase 2- NY State Real Estate Opening!

The light is at the end of the tunnel!  Yes, the NY STATE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ANNOUNCED PHASE 2 which is good news for buyers/sellers/rentals but IT IS NOT RETURN TO NORMAL YET.  Following are the guidelines issued by our State Association explaining how we are to proceed to protect the public.  Each Brokerage may have separate interpretations of these Guidelines and it is important for the public to understand we must follow these rules.

This week marked Westchester County’s official reopening for real estate!

Selling your property is a great opportunity right now -properties are  in greatly needed –  prices are holding with properties selling quickly. The market is very energized and ready!


  Phase 2 Guidance for Real Estate Activity

Our New York State Association of Realtors is providing the following sample guidance based upon information contained in the Interim Guidance Document issued by Empire State Development and the Department of Health. Brokers must review and affirm the Interim Guidance Document prior to implementing Phase 2 requirements.

  Guidance to in-person contact with consumers

  • Brokers are encouraged, but not required, to conduct remote walk throughs rather than in-person walk throughs (e.g. recorded/live video), where possible.
  • Whenever possible, activities should be conducted remotely with consumers.
  • Whenever in-person contact occurs with a consumer, the licensee should be wearing an appropriate face covering and maintain social distancing.

  Interaction with consumers

  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents  must limit in-person gatherings with consumers to the greatest extent possible and use other methods such as video or teleconferencing whenever possible. When videoconferencing or teleconferencing is not possible, licensees should hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces and ensure that individuals maintain six feet of social distance between one another and wear appropriate face coverings.
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents should avoid driving in the same car with prospective tenants/buyers. If this cannot be avoided, face coverings must be worn by everyone in the vehicle and frequently touched areas of the vehicle should be cleaned and disinfected.

  In-person showings

  • Licensees should schedule all showings in advance, whenever possible.
  • Licensees and consumers must wear an appropriate face covering at all times.
  • Gloves and shoe coverings can also be required by the owner or broker.
  • Brokers must provide appropriate face coverings to licensees and consumers.
  • Licensees should not dispose of PPE at the property being shown.
  • Consumers should be instructed to only touch essential surfaces, such as the use of a handrail to go up or downstairs. Consumers should be instructed not to touch other areas or surfaces including cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc.
  • Licensees are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces such as doorknobs and handrails. As a best practice, licensees should disinfect every surface that was touched during a showing.
  • Showing times should be staggered so as not to have the next scheduled buyer/tenant waiting outside for the current showing to end.
  • As a best practice, only one party should be in the property at a time. If more than one party is inside the property at the same time, 6 feet of distance must be maintained at all times between individuals, and face coverings must be worn (face coverings are already mandatory).
  • Licensees and buyers/tenants are encouraged not to bring young children or extraneous guests to property showings, when possible, or leave attended children outside.
  • Licensees should screen each seller/buyer/landlord/tenant prior to a showing. Licensees should discuss the use of the screening questionnaire with the seller/landlord and whether

  Open Houses

  • Although the Guidance Documents permits open houses, it includes restrictions.
  • Only one person may be inside the property at a time and it is the responsibility of the agent to insure this.
  • In order to prevent people waiting to enter the property in a crowd appointments should be scheduled for access.
  • Masks and gloves should not be discarded at the property by the buyer’s attending.

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